November 19, 2009

Is Thursday the new Friday?

Why should I withhold all of the fun and crazy frenzy we all associate with YOUR AWESOME FRIDAY BONUS content another minute!?

I can’t think of a single reason.

That being said, there is one decidedly good reason to go ahead and post it today.  Namely, that I’ll be on vacation tomorrow and decidedly not near my trusty blogging device.  And what’s on tap for Saturday, you may ask?  Well, a small fête at my home.  Really, just dinner with a few friends.  If you’re lucky (and you look lucky in that snazzy shirt, my friend), I’ll post about our organic, sustainable, local, AND EASY menu when I return on Monday.

But you had better behave over the weekend, kids.  (Or no soup for you!!)

So, here it is.  Your Awesome Friday Bonus content.  For that special someone.  Enjoy!


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(Photo: gatherandnest.com)

Holiday Shopping Guide #1

November 6, 2009

So what’s on your favorite gardener or food lover’s mind these days?  Well, as the fall crops only have a few more weeks at best in the mid-Atlantic, it’s quickly becoming: the holidays.  Don’t freak out – I’ve got you covered.

So who are we shopping for, here?  Does your loved one have baggage!?  No, no – not the stories about that ex they drunkenly confessed to you on their birthday last year.  If they’re going to continue to hit that 4-season farmer’s market all year long (like this one in Dupont Circle), they’ll need some heavy duty food transportation.  And they’ll thank you for setting them up in style.  Enjoy!

Upcycled bags

1. $24.99 (zJayne on Etsy.com; "SIX PACK Paper or Plastic No Thank You")


1.  What’s big with the kids these days?  Upcycling!  (And what’s big for you?  DEALS!)  Well, here are six upcycled market bags for the price of one!  Made from old t-shirts, there’s no waste in site.  Buy them here.

2.  Don’t make your hippie friend ask for that vendor’s reusable-on-the-farm vegetable container!  (They probably won’t let them take it, anyways.)  Give them these screen-printed muslin veggie bags and help them to keep it all organized at the market – without peeving off Farmer Jane (or Joe).  Buy it here.

veggie bags

2. $10.00 (wonderthunder on Etsy.com; "Three Small Happy Vegetable Reusable Vegetable Bags in Blue")


3.  Now here is a bag with a ton of style and one of the greenest virtues of all – versatility.  This bag could go to the beach with your bud just as quickly as the market, and it’s even classy enough to take along to work or sub in as a gym bag when it is time (perhaps past time?) for your friend to deodorize their current gym bag.  Buy it here.

oil cloth

3. $45.00 (wonderthunder on Etsy.com; "Oilcloth Market Bag")

4.  If your loved one is really a classic/crafty lady or gent – then THIS is the dream gift.  A pre-owned Radio Flyer wagon is versatile, heavy duty, and uber stylish.  In that charming, sweet, bad ass kinda way.  Buy it here.

radio flyer

4. $60.00 (trek98 on Ebay.com; "Radio Flyer #22 Trav-ler Red Wagon"


5.  Oh tres chic – non?!  This is the quintessential market basket and PERFECT for that person in your life who can charmingly pontificate on the layered meanings of Proust’s finest, raise eyebrows just by walking into a room – with a certain air of sultry intellectualism slowly swirling about them, and could whip up a souflee for an impromptu dinner guest – but would probably just run down to the patisserie and grab a bottle of Champagne, instead.  Because pourquoi pas? Buy one like it here.


5. Approx. $45.00 (Photo: 2bnmaine.com/blog/2008/06/)

6.  But wait – there’s enough vintage allure on etsy.com for everyone.  This old wire basket could tell a few stories, I’m guessing.  Give your amigo the gift of looking totally retro cool, and – hey, why not – pick one up for yourself, too.  A minimalist carry-all like this one is great for gardeners and friends of gardeners, men and women, and savvy market vets and newbies, alike.  Buy it here.

wire basket

6. $38.00 (oldcrowfarm on Etsy.com; "Vintage Wire Metal Market Basket")






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